Cyber Monday Pre-Shopping Check List

It’s here, I was going to say final here, but the sales and commercials this year have made everyday since Halloween feel like “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”. Hype aside, Cyber Monday has arrived. 

Time to find those deals! So many places to look, so much to decide. It can be overwelming and that can cause you to act too fast. Resist this temptation and realize a few moment of planning before hand can lead to huge savings. Almost any deal can be made a little sweeter if you follow these steps. 

  • BigCrumbs – An old favorite of mine, big-crumbs-logothey are a very effective way to stack a deal. For those of you who may not know, BigCrumbs gets cash back from purchases you make on site they direct you to. They then turn around and split that money with you. The percent differs from site to site, but it’s always worth a peek
  • Ebates – They are a competitor to BigCrumbs ebates2which is good for you as a user because they are always trying to out rebate each other. You should always check both to see who is giving you the edge.  
  • DiscoverCard – Did you know that right now they are offering 5% cash back on online purchases? Have you enrolled? It literally takes a few seconds. (Please know that this is capped at $1500)
  • CardPool – If or when you max out your cash back from Discover you can always go to the gift card exchanges to find a few more percent of savings. 

By incorporating these deals into your shopping its very likely that you could add another 5-10% of savings onto of even the sweetest deals. So stack them up and keep that money in your pockets. 

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