Black Friday: Load Up Your Apps and Bring Your Friends!

Here we are, right in the thick of it, the deal hunters moment of glory. Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is mere weeks away. It’s time to get out there and find those deals, right? Not so fast! You can’t just run out into the mall willy nilly. You need to prepare, you need a plan, you need tools. 

Specifically, you need your smart phone and you need apps. Long gone are the days when you walked into a store, found something you liked and hoped you were getting the best deal. Now you can investigate, you can research and compare, all before you even walk up to the register. Here are three must have apps that will allow you to build the best possible deal:

1. PriceJump: This is’s own app. pricejumpIt is a price comparison app that searches over 5000 retailers to provide you with a snapshot of available prices. In addition to that, it will search local stores near you and show you their prices as well. This provides you with an online and in store comparison. Be mindful though it does not factor in shipping costs or taxes. 


2. RetailMeNot: I have been using this app retailmenotfor over a year now and I can honestly say that it is the Cadillac of shopping apps. You get updates and offers pushed to your phone the moment you even walk near a mall or shopping center.  They work with all the big retailers and will show you every possible sale or door buster imaginable. While I enjoy these features my favorite “RetailMeNot” feature is the coupon codes. They are hands down the champs when it comes to codes. Whenever I buy something online, I always look for codes with them before I complete me order. 


3. Raise: Finally, when you have found the raisegreatest gift at the best prices, this little app can give you just a little bit more. Raise is a gift card marketplace, people sell and buy gift cards, usually at a slight discount. This discount is where you can save and extra few percent. Let’s say you found a great deal at “Bestbuy”, now all you have to do to sweeten that deal is load up your raise app and buy a gift card. Right now they are selling at a 3% discount, so you would have made your deal that much better. The card loads right into the app and you show it to the cashier for them to scan. Two seconds of effort for a nice little reward.


This apps are a great start for your smartphone shopping tool bag. Load them up and keep them at the ready when you head out into that Black Friday world. 

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