Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Pelican Cases

Electronics, regardless of brand or intended purpose they all have two things in common, you shouldn’t get them wet and its probably not a good idea to drop them. It’s great that you new camera has 23 megapixels and can take 12 pictures a second, but if it isn’t protected then you are setting yourself up for disaster.

You need a strong, solid case. As a professional TV news camera man I have been using “Pelican Cases” for many years.  microcaseFrom my small “1020 Micro case” that I use to protect and transport my personal point and shoot digital camera to much larger cases that I use for my professional camera gear, theses cases stand apart from most of their competition.

Pelican products are used by professional photographers, police, firemen/EMT’s, and the military, occupations where expensive equipment is often places in extreme conditions.

Theses cases are water proof, crush proof, and dust proof. Best of all they are made in Torrance California and have been since 1976. Another great American product for buyers who value quality. 

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