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It seems like no one has a set of jumper cables. I found this out the hard way in New York City back in 2006. My work SUV was very old and ran out of juice. For over an hour I stopped dozens and dozens of cars. I didn’t have cables and neither did anyone else that I asked. Finally an FBI agent that I stopped took pity on me and gave me a jump. The take away, if you car is more than 4 years old, you need to keep a set of jumper cables in the trunk. 

Jumping a car is a simple process, but it can go horribly wrong. This is usually caused by operator error, but it can also be caused by faulty cables. You are essentially directing a powerful current of electricity with wires you hold in your hands. You want to have good well insulated wires that won’t fray or crack over time. This is not a time to get cheap. 

Some quality “American made” jumper cablescables from Quick Cable are just what you need. The “Rescue” line of cables that are tangle proof, perform well in subzero temperatures, and are constructed with fine stranded copper for maximum conductivity. They retail for $33.18 and are engineered and manufactured in the good ol U S of A. If you have an older car you should probably consider buying a pair. Keep them in the truck, they’ll be waiting for you when you need them. Who knows, you might be giving a stranded Piggy Bank Builder a jump one day. 

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