Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Zenith Shower Caddy

I want to begin by apologizing  for my recently absence. Between my plumbing adventures and a recent bout of food poisoning I have not had the time required to write. All is better so here I go. 

My shower is from the 1960’s and I can only guess that back in the day people didn’t have as much complexity in their daily bathing routines. No luffas, no facial scrub, no conditioner, or moisturizers. I believe this because my bathtub has one small self, for a single bar of soap. That’t it, everything else has to sit on the edges of the tub where they randomly get knocked in or out of the tub. 

After nearly three months of this I said enough. I need a shower caddy and I set about finding one. I started my search where I always do, Amazon. To my surprise the #1 rated bathtub/shower organizer was “Made in America” by a company called Zenith. Now, don’t get me wrong, it makes sense that the best product was made here as I have often found that to be the case. shower caddyWhat struck me was that an American company still made such an organizer. I had honestly thought that the never ending flood of cheap Chinese products had pushed out domestic manufacturers long ago. I am pleased to see that I was wrong. 

The surprises continued to come when I saw the Price of the Zenith Shower Caddy, $13.39. I was sold. I ordered it and two days later it arrived. I will warn you, the assembly is a little tricky and the instructions are not very helpful. Here is another tip, the caddy is designed for a shower stall. If you have a tub you need to leave out the bottom section. That last part stumped me for a bit. 

Now that its in I really like my Zenith shower caddy. All of our stuff fits nicely on it sand I no longer have to worry about my soap turning to mush in our soap dish. Another great American made products in my home, certainly worth the 13 bucks I paid for it. 

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