Red Bull Gives You Cash!

As I have mentioned previously I am a new cameraman. People in this profession are no stranger to the double shift, the 14 hour day, and the short turn around. The news is unpredictable and when things are at their worst long hours often follow. It can be a grind and it will slow you down. red bullYou need a boost, some turn to coffee. I don’t care for it. In the past I had turned to “Red Bull” for my pick me up because as they say, “Red Bull gives you wings”.

As it turns out that catch phrase is misleading, so much so that it lead to a class action lawsuit, a winning one at that. As part of the settlement “Red Bull” has agreed to give anyone who purchased one of their products from January 1st 2002 and October 3rd of 2014 either $10 or $15 in Red Bull products. To claim this settlement all you have to do is click on the following link and follow the simple instructions.  It’s limited to one per house hold and you have until March 2015 to enroll. If you bought a Red Bull in the last 12 years, 10 bucks could be yours.

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