Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Sauder Carson Coffee Table

 From time to time when I visit a friend or relatives room home I will often notice that the fireplace is the center of their living room. The entire layout is directing toward the fireplace.  The explanation for this is very simple, seventy or eighty years ago when the house was built it was common for large family to gather near a fire for warmth and socialization. 

Now with the improvements in heating systems and the rise of the television and internet people are less interested in fireplaces. Modern homes are built around technology, living rooms are designed with television viewing in mind. Home builders have caught up to the times, but oddly most furniture builders have not. I am looking for a new computer desk and I am surprised at how many of the desks I find with layouts similar to writing desks. They have no place to put a keyboard and no holes to hide wires. They are well made pieces, but they have not adapted to the changing needs of their users. 

Sauder furniture has not only embraced change, coffe tablebut they are innovators are well. Their Lift-top coffee table is just what a connected and digital living room needs. At first glance it looks like and well made coffee table but it comes with an impressive features. The table top lifts and rises up to the person seated on the couch or chair. This provides and ideal resting place and workspace for a laptop or tablet. As far as I am concerned this is one of the greatest space saving innovations since the murphy bed. 

This coffee table like most  “Sauder furniture”  is made in Archbold Ohio and has been since the 1930’s. To sweeten the pot a little more I found that Amazon is selling it for 55% off. This fine coffee table could be yours for $122.72. A fantastic price for a fantastic product. It is well reviewed and built right here in America. 

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