Made in the U.S.A. Monday- Noodle & Boo Body Wash and Baby Products

We live in a time when you really have to read the labels. What is in that food or lotion and is it good for me? Recalls pop up all the time and unfortunately people are harmed by what should be regular household products.  Companies will sometimes cut corners to make profits. You need to protect yourself, you need to seek out products that are made with quality and safety in mind. 

This is monementally important when infants and their mothers are concerned. I’ve researched parabens, sulfates, and BPAs, these are most things you want to expose anyone to particularly an expecting mother and her child. Many of the ingredients found in lotions and shampoos are being investigated and debated about regarding their health effects. 

I don’t mean to scare anyone, I am simply suggesting that we all try to be  vigilant and seek out products like those offered from “Noodle and Boo”. Named after the founder’s children (their nicknames), “Noodle and Boo” creates luxurious safe products for mothers and children.

heavenly_honey_wash2_detailItems like this “Heavenly Honey Wash” that are made with they describe as “natural and gentile ingredients”. Made in California by people who value quality and safety you can rest assured that you are making sound choice.

Best of all, despite the luxuriousness of their products they are very reasonably priced. Many of their items can be had for around $12. This is comparable to many lotions and washes in the segment. At that price and with their crediateials I would certainly recommend trying some of “Noodle and Boo’s” offerings. A safe quality “Made in America” company making top shelf products. 

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