Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Behrens Trash Cans

Garbage cans, clearly not the most glamorous purchase, but certainly not one that should not be made lightly. Nothing worse then dragging a heavy can full of garbage up to the curb and having the handle break off in your hand. Now you have to pull it by the inside lip, the filthy, smelly inside lip. It’s all down hill from there. 

Maybe metal is the way to go. garbage canA metal garbage can like your grandparents used too have. Like the one “Oscar the Grouch” lives in, he’s done so for the last 30+ years. Those things are built to last and Behrens is the one who builds them. 

Based in Winona Minnesota, Behrens has been making metal products in the USA for over 100 years! It’s an impressive feat when you stop to think about how much has changed in the country in that time, but metal garbage cans are hanging in there. 

A 31 gallon can like the on pictured is selling for $27.59. A fair price for an American made product that could last you many many years. 

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