The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio – Eight Month Update

Eight months down and four to go. stocksThe year has been good to my educational fictitious portfolio which has been performing very well. Let’s see what August brought us. 

  • Cablevision (CVC) – Purchase price – $17.96, number of shares 68. Current Price: $19.07 a gain of $75.48
  • Microsoft (MSFT) – Purchase price $37.47, number of 33. Current Price: $46.79, a gain of $307.56
  • iShares Silver Trust (SLV) – Purchase price $18.92, number of shares 66. Current Price: $18.22 a loss of $46.20
  • BlackBerry (BBRY) - Purchase price $9.25, number of shares 160, Current Price $10.21 a gain of $153.60

So year to day, net gains of $490.44 or just a hair shy of 10%. Silver’s slide is annoying, but I still maintain that it is an excellent hedge against disaster. Microsoft continues to impress and I am excited about its future. Perhaps is will touch $50 soon. BlackBerry, the newest edition to the portfolio, has been doing fantastically. 

Summer is usually the worst season for stocks, if we get a nice run into the end of the year I could see some great gains. Time will tell, as always I remain cautiously optimistic. 

***Please not that I am not and investment advisor.Please consult your investment advisors before making any financial decisions that could result in loss.

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