Made in the U.S.A. Monday- Key-Bak ID Holder

I use an ID card at my workplace, to enter the building, to access my gear, I pretty much need that card to do anything. As security systems improve and computerization grows more and more if us are using some form of access card at our jobs. Lose that card and you are in pretty big trouble. 

You need something that is going to keep it at the ready keybakand will prevent it from falling off or getting lost. You need a holder like the one from Key-Bak. Founded over 60 years ago West Coast Chain Manufacturing is a California based, employee owned company that make a wide range of key holders that include Key-Bak product like.

Made from durable materials and backed by a life time warranty these retractable key reels are an excellent option for those of us that need to carry and display ID cards or access fobs. Clip to your belt loop and its ready to go. 

This product would be a huge upgrade from the belt clip holder that I have now. Not only does the clip scratch up and ruin my belt but it also digs into my side when I am driving. It is a nuisance that has bothered me long enough. I will replace it shortly with and American made Key-Bak holder

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