5 Way to Turn Your Opinion into Cash- One Month Update

With just about one month completed in my six month online survey experiment and things are progressing fairly well. I have visited each of the five sites several times a week and participated in a large number of surveys. The points and “bucks” are really starting to add up. Here are my totals thus far:


  • Swag Bucks- I have earned 841 swag bucks. I have complained in the past that I am kind of a slouch on this site and it still holds true. With more time and a little more effort I am pretty sure I could have between 4000-5000 swag buck by now.
  • Global Test Market- I have 230 market points. When I first started I thought this was going to be my go to site. I am offered new surveys 4-6 times a day. Unfortunately I get screened out of most of these surveys. It can be a little frustrating.
  • Opinion Place- I have earned 7 dollars at this site. I sign on once a week, they give me a pre-screened survey, and in 15-20 minutes I am done. Nice and Easy.
  • Synovate- I have 5700 points here, the cash equivalent of 5 dollars. I like this site, they e-mail my surveys about twice a day. I usually qualify and if I don’t I am still given partial points for trying.
  • MySurvey- I have 1410 points here. This site is easy to use and the rewards are very appealing

The last few weeks have been very busy for me. This has prevented me from maximized my return, but I have done fairly well in spite of this. As you can see the “earnings” are starting to pile up. I am still deciding if I will begin renewing my rewards or let them build up and use them all at the end. If I had to guess I would say I have made the cash equivalent of around 30 dollars, not bad.

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