Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Easy Garden BirdBlock

The Bride and I have two birds feeders, we love birds and we enjoy feeding them. We fill up our feeder several times a week, but that still doesn’t stop them from going after my freshly spread lawn seed! My bare spots on my lawn remain bare due to a dedicating and growing army of little bids that uncover my grass seed and eat it!

I am also a little concerned about my corn. meshSome of the sites that I have visited have suggested that birds will some time land on your corn and eat the upper kernels on the cob. This will simply not stand. I needed a solution and I found one in the form of Easy Garden Birdblock. This mesh netting is safe for the birds, affordable, and made in the USA. It very light so it won’t weigh down or crush your plants and it can be used over and over. 

This is good for crops, but I’ve also discovered that it could be good for lawns as well. Not only will the netting stop the birds from eating your seeds but it will provide a small amount of shading and could stop the newly forming grass from burning. 

Easy garden has been making ecofriendly, safe gardening products in the USA for over 25 years. You can find many of their products on Amazon including the BirdBlock for around $7 a tube.  A good investment, that will probably pay for itself in saved grass seed in its first year of use. 

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