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It’s time for millions of students across the country to get back into school mode. Colleges dorms are filling with new and returning students and the younger ones know that their summer is quickly coming to an end. Back to school shopping is well underway and the most expensive item on the list is often a computer. 

Selecting a computer grows more complicated each year. Do you get a tablet or a laptop or a desktop? Is it going to be used primarily for gaming or movie viewing or heaven forbid, school work. What if you could have it all? Even better, what if you could have it all at a very generous discount. 

My brother recently decided to throw in the towel on his old laptop, it was too old and too slow and it crashed a lot. He reached out to me with two requests. He wanted something that could handle several tasks at once and it had to be affordable. Armed with those parameters I set out on my task. 

I looked in my usual places, review sites, discounts, deal spots. I found a few candidates but none that rely impressed me.  I asked for 24 more hours and then, boom. I found what I didn’t even know I was looking for. 

I give you the Dell XPS 18. It looks DELLlike a fairly nice desktop bundle. You have a pretty big 18. inch screen, a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you were to look a little bit closer you would discover that things aren’t what they seem. That “Monitor” is actually a giant tablet. That’s right this desktop can covert into a portable tablet that you can use all over your home and still be connected to the inter webs. 

This computer gives you the usability and power of a desktop and the portability of a tablet. Windows 8 touch screen capabilities allow you to interact with the screen in very engaging and new ways. A computer like this usually retails for around $1200 dollars, but I found a nice deal. 

A Ebay daily deal to be exact. Right now you can have this PC/Tablet for $679.95. Now it is a referb unit, but it comes with a standard 1 year warranty. Some people may shy away from such a thing, but I have had good experiences with such devices in the past. 

Sure 43% off is great, but don’t go clicking that “buy it now” button just yet. Remember BigCrumbs is offering .5% cash back. That knock another $3.38 off. You should also enroll in Ebay bucks and $13.60 could be yours. No sense leaving almost $17 on the table. 

I shared this deal with my brother and he loved it, the reviews were good and it is just what he wanted. He ordered it yesterday and should be receiving it early next week. If this seem like something you might be interested in then check it out, but remember the daily deals don’t last very long. 

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