Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Edsal Storage Rack – Assembled

Last week I wrote about my newly purchased Edsal storage rack. Edsal ShelfSince then it has arrived, been assembled by yours truly, and is residing in my garage. The storage rack in the picture is mine. If you look closely you can see my RainTrain sprinkler. 

Here are my impressions of this fine American made product:

  • Assembly – It was pretty easy, the instructions are not very detailed so I relied a great deal on the picture on the outside of the box to be my guide. I am pretty good at figuring this type of thing out so it may be a little harder for the average person.
  • Build Quality – One of the things that struck me was that the rails that make up the verticals corners are not one piece. This rack uses two separate sections that are joined together. At first I was worried that this would make the rack less sturdy. I can say that this is not the case. I have to give them credit it really feels like a solid item. 
  • Value - I feel that I got a lot for whatI paid for. This storage rack has excellent dimensions and is customizable for added versatility. This is something that will probably stay in my garage for many many years.

Over all I give this item a B+, it came as advertised and should las t me a long time. I recommend it for anyone who id looking to bring some order to their garage or basement. Toss those dirty old shelves and get an Edsal storage rack. 

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