Made in the USA Monday – Edsal Storage Rack

One of the consequences of buying stuff is that you have to find a place to put said stuff. The solution of often to by more stuff in the form of storage stuff, more commonly know as shelving. With my recent foray into gardening and my new status as a home owner I have been in dire need of new shelves. I need some in my basement, I need some in my garage. 

Right now it my garage I have an old bookcase that just isn’t getting the job down. I plan to clean it up and move it to the basement where it will be better suited to hold groceries. With that aim in mind I decided to get some shelving for my garage. I went over to my favorite shopping site, Amazon, and looked up their #1 selling shelving unit.

I was pleased to discover that the top selling storage rack was in fact made in America. shelvesSolid reviews, good price, American made, BOOM sold. I pulled the trigger and two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime, it was at my door. It weighs about 70 pounds, I realized this when I tried to lift it. The “muscle rack” as the box describes it is the real deal, the steel deal. 

Built in Chicago for the last 50 plus years Edsal has been making office home and business storage devices that a built to last. My storage rack is made from 70% recycled steel, can be constructed to stand eight horizontally or vertically, and can support up to 4000 pounds! 

It easy to see that this is something you buy once and keep forever. For under $70 it seems like a great deal. I haven’t assembled it yet, but when I do I will follow up with some photos. 

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