The PiggyBankBuilder Portfolio – Seven Month Update

With month number 7 in the record books its time to see where we stand. The portfolio has seen some changes, a major change came in the form of me closing out a position. Today I will reveal my replacement pick, but firs lets see where we stand as of right now. 

  • Market Vectors Oil Services ETF (OIH) – Purchase Price – $47.98, number of shares 26. Sold on July 16th at $56.99 for $1481.74 a gain of $234.26
  • Cablevision (CVC) – Purchase price – $17.96, number of shares 68. Current Price: $18.17, a gain of $14.28
  • Microsoft (MSFT) – Purchase price $37.47, number of 33. Current Price: $43.23, a gain of $190.08
  • iShares Silver Trust (SLV) – Purchase price $18.92, number of shares 66. Current Price: $19.17, a gain of $16.50
  • BlackBerry (BBRY) - Purchase price $9.25, number of shares 160

A total profit of $455.12, which is down slightly from the last month. I attribute this to the stock market decline over the last month. Many are calling this an adjustment before the next leg up. I guess time will tell. 

As for the newest edition, blackberry.bbry I have been reading a lot about them, many investors had written the off for dead. I think otherwise, they have a great CEO and are poised for a turn around.  If my suspicions are correct, It think its possible that BBRY could rise to $15 a share. They have some new phones that should be releasing soon, much of the company’s success will ride on the quality of their new products. We shall see.

Going forward I maintain my cautious optimum. 

***Please not that I am not and investment advisor.Please consult your investment advisors before making any financial decisions that could result in loss.

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