Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Epco Bocce Set

I love Bocce. I don’t get to play it as often as I would like, which would be nearly every day. Still, whenever I go to a backyard party that has a Bocce Set I jump on the opportunity.  I don’t mess around either, when I play I play to win. The festive vibe of a weekend BBQ might lead some to believe that it’s all for fun, not here. In my family Bocce is practically a blood sport. 

I am aware that many people are unfamiliar with the game. I can best describe it as similar to a giant game of marbles, it’s most commonly played by Italians. If you don’t know any Italians you probably have never played Bocce. You are now faced with two choices, find some Italians or buy a Bocce set. Either is a fine choice. 

If and when you do deiced to by a Bocce Set bocceyou may be tempted to buy some cheap Chinese garbage set. Resist. Do so for two reasons. First you want a properly balanced and weighted set. Secondly you want a set that will last. True story, my buddy John bought a cheap set and we played a few times last spring. It was great fun until it all ended when one of the Bocce balls split open when  it landed on another ball. Game over, set ruined. 

You don’t want that, you want to get a tournament quality set made be a reputable American manufacturer like Epco. They have been making quality gaming products since the early 1950’s. With over half a century of experience this Massachusetts based company is an authority on quality made Bocce sets. From billiard balls to bowling balls to Bocce balls, theses fine people are the right guys for the job. 

One of their tournament sets can be yours for  $99.94. Hours of fun for all, a great addition to any outdoor party. Give it a try, I think you will probably enjoy it. The joy of Bocce, made in the USA by Epco. 

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