I Did Save A Lot of Money on Car Insurance!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my soon to be former insurance company wanted to charge me $1078.00 to renew my insurance policy. My goal was to get that number down to around 800 dollars. Here’s what I did:

I contacted three insurance companies Geico, Statefarm, and Travelers via their respective websites. I made sure to do an apples to apples comparison matching their coverage with my own in each category and I received an online quote. Geico came in at $635.20, Statefarm at $755.00, and Travelers at $745. All of these numbers crush my current policy by over 300 dollars!

I then called Geico and made sure that everything was in order. Sometimes you get a teaser quote that vanishes the second you try to claim it. The rep was very nice and helpful. I told him that for clarity sake, I wanted to read to him each of my coverage categories to make sure I was getting the same level of coverage. We reviewed the policy and made sure everything was in order. He gave me my quote, which after the inclusion of my defense driving course discount was even lower then my previous quote, and called up my driving records on his computer.

This is where things got a little frustrating. I had mistakenly thought that I had not been in an accident in the last five years. I was wrong. My last accident was 4 years and 9 months ago. A NYC taxi clipped me when he suddenly changed lanes into my vehicle. I remembered the accident, I confused the season that it occurred. I’m only human and sometimes 4 years and 9 months a go can seem like five years.

Even with that error. My final bill came to $705.30. A savings of about 373 dollars and an annual savings of over 700 dollars. A huge sum for about an hour of work.

My only regret is not doing it sooner. I wrongly believed that my previous carrier was rewarding my seven years of loyalty with lower rates. This was certainly not the case.

After this experience I would encourage you to go out and get some online auto insurance quotes, you might be surprised at how much you can save. I sure was.

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