Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Arrow Ice Pop Maker

This week selection is a bit low tech, but ver y enjoyable. It’s an ice pop mold from Arrow. I have owned this product and can attest to it effectiveness and durability. 

The process is simple you select a ice popsjuice flavor and pour it into the mold. I am sure you know the rest. The upside is selection and portion control. One glass of juice can make four ice pops. You most likely won’t eat four pops in one sitting. By simply turning that cup of juice into a frozen treat you are shrinking your calorie input. 

As for selection, since you are choosing the juice you can opt for a healthy brand free of colorings and chemicals. A healthy juice makes a healthy pop. 

Economically it makes sense, a single container of juice can make dozens of pops. It you were to buy a similar amount of ice pops, it would cost you many times more then the cost of a jug of juice. 

This American made product can be bought for $5.99. A nice device to make a bunch of sumner treats. Beat the heat, and buy American. 

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