My gardening Adventure – One Month Out

I crossed the one month mark last week and I have much to report. 1 monthMy crops are doing very well and I have a had very few problems at all. With so much to share, I will break down my progress by crop. 

Howden Pumpkins: These guys are monsters. They have leaves the size of my face, they spread a few inches a day now, and appear to be thriving. In the picture they are situated in the raised bed that is closest to the camera. Yesterday two of the vines breached the edges of the bed and are now on their way into the rest of the yard. Howdens take about 115 days to grow, with 80 or so days left I am a little concerned that these guys are really going to spread. I added some garden fences to prevent the pumpkins from crushing my cucumbers and breaching my corn. My pumpkin vines are long and strong. 

Cucumbers: The bride started theses guys in dixie cups are transplanted them into the section designated for my failed strawberries. At first they turned a bit yellow. I looked into it and it appears that this may have come from over watering. I dialed it back and they greened up. Their growth has been slow so I will wait and see. 

Golden Bantam Sweet Corn: Located in the middle bed my corn is almost three feet tall. It is also thriving, but I have a few concerns. First is the fact that I have several plants are growing in the same spots. I have tried to cut them back, but it really pains me to cut away good plants. I have done what I can and will cut back more in the next week or so. My other concern is the roots. My soil is only about 10-12 inches deep, then it gets rocky.  I am worried that as the corn gets taller the wind will knock them down. I amy have to add supports. 

Tomatoes: I have added support lattice to the plants to give then strength and room to climb. No flowers yet, but the plants are looking good. 

Sugar Baby Watermelons: About 50 days to go and these guys are kinda slow. The vines look healthy but compared to the pumpkins they are not only thinner but spread much much slower. Perhaps they will turn a corner and catch up. 

On top of the fencing and tomato cages I have added a soaking hose. I read that it is better to deliver the water right to the roots then getting it on the leaves. I will still do a traditional hose watering once a week to get the spots that the soaker has missed. As of now things are going better then I hoped. I still live in fear that some type of bug or blight will wipe out my crops, but as I stand right now I am very pleased. 

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