Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Plastec Watering Can

With my new home and all the responsibilities that come with having a yard my list of things that I need seems to grow by the week. The gutter are clogged? Gotta buy a ladder. Brown spots on the lawn, need seed. Got seed? Need a seed thrower, which lucky doubles as an ice melt thrower. Thank goodness for dual use items.

On my long list was a watering can. A lot of my friends and relatives gave the Bride and I plants, plants need water. For the last two weeks I was making multiple trips from the kitchen sink to the garden with my giants Yankees souvenir cup. It took a lot of trips and got old real fast. I decided I needed a watering can and would by an American made one if such a can existed.

Like I’ve said before, all you have to do is look. watercanI found this great watering can from Plastec on Amazon.  The reviews were good, as was the price. For $9.50 this watering can was mine. Could I have spent $7 for a cheap Chinese watering can? Could I have found one at the dollar store? Its possible, but those importer watering cans wouldn’t last, and I prefer to support American workers. 

Plastec is a woman owned small business. It is located in Florida and was started in 1989. They began with the invention of the “Plant Pallet” and have expanded their line to include various gardening stands and holders. They manufacture many of their products in American and design with and eye towards innovation and fashion. 

My watering can is easy to hold and pour from. It looks nice and feels very solid. I would recommend it for anyone with a small amount of plants. This is due to the watering cans small capacity. For those with a massive amount of hanging or potted plants you might want to go with a larger can. For me it fits the bill and I am very happy with my purchase. 

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