My Time as Secret Agent, err Shopper – Field Agent

At the end of last year I was introduced to “Field Agent” a secret shopper app that allows smart phone users to earn some extra cash by visiting a store, answering some questions, and submitting a few photos.  Each of these jobs can pay anywhere from $2- $12 depending on the task. photoI eagerly signed up and in the following seven or so months have earned $12.60. Alright, I realize that this is not very impressive. I’ve only completed three jobs, but to be fair I bought a house, which I moved into, and am in the process of lightly renovating.

Still I like this app very much and would recommend to anyone with an interest in making a few hundred dollars a year in extra income. I believe that this is possible if you have the time. Here is my break down of “Field Agent”.

Ease of Use: Very easy, you pull up the map and up pops all the jobs. You can preview each job to see how much it pays and what is required of you. Once you select the job you will have two hours to complete it. I usually pick jobs that are very close to where I am so it is never an issue.

What is a job like?: To be quite frank, its can be little weird. My first job was at a CVS, I had to take some pictures of the display stand that sat on the counter. It required me to answer a few questions and take a picture of the displays. The trouble was that the cashiers are right there. It was very awkward to take a photo of something while someone watches you, wondering what you are doing. My last job was much easier, it was in a Target, I was alone in the aisle and could answer the questions and take as many pictures as I wanted.

How Much do you think you could earn in a week?: That is an excellent question. If you woke up every morning and set out to just run jobs for “Field Agent” I would estimate that over 8 hours you could earn between $30 – $125 a day. This is a very wild guess, sometimes I look on the site and their are almost no jobs, lately it seems like they are ever

How do you deal with employees?: Simple, lie. Tell them that you aren’t sure if the product is the one you spouse wants, click a picture and pretend to text it to them. Most people can relate to this as such behavior is increasingly common. I know it feels bad trying to deceive someone, but in the big picture what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Going forward I plan to try and get more jobs. The hardest part for me is trying to find jobs near me, driving 20 minutes out of the way just doesn’t seem worth it. Still if I could make $25 a month, pay for a couple of meals at work, that would be good enough for me. All in all I give it an A – .

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