Made in the U.S.A. Moday – “Dezign With a Z”

Almost two years ago I wrote about the graphics company,”Dezign with a Z” with the plan to buy and display one of their giant decals once I bought a home.Birds Last week I made good on that proposal and bought this amazing tree and bird decal. The tree itself stand at about 5 feet tall and I positioned the birds as a flock swooping into land on the tree. This fills out the wall and adds a sense of movement to the display. 

What I love about this decal is what it does for the room. We painted all of the walls in our living room a light blue and left one wall bright white. To this space we Dezignwithazadded the decal which really draws your eye. Now anyone entering our living room immediately notices our wall art and comments about how much they like it. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but the dimensions of the room make it impossible to shot the room and the decal in the same shot.

My experience with “Dezign with a Z” was top notch. Creating and ordering the decal were very easy. It shipped quickly and arrived in a neatly organized tube. The installation took me about two hours and the directions were very straight forward. They even supplied an application tool that helps get the job done.

With a decal this big it would probably be best to have someone help you. I watched a few videos online to figure out some tip and techniques. All in all it was very easy, but at times a little stressful. You have to be extra cautious not to rip or bend the decal as you rub it onto the wall and very slowly removed the backing. 

I installed it while my Bride was out with company so she had a nice surprise when she returned home. Our decal came out just as we had hoped, it adds an artistic and unique element to our room and I am very pleased with my experience. 

“Dezign with a Z” is a great company making an innovative product right here in America. If you are looking for a new look for your home and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money this might be exactly what you need. Add some art to your walls to liven up your rooms. 

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