Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Suncast Garden Hose Reel

I have had some personal experience with Suncast. Last winter I bought one of their snow shovels and I loved it. As I am sure you remember it was a record year for snow fall and that shovel and I got quite the work out. It performed admirably and left a good impression with me regarding the Suncast brand

When I saw a hose reel made by the Illinois based company I felt confident in buying one. I was near the Home Depot check out when I say it, it was on sale for $19.88, I need one so I bought it. 

Then I got home and read some of the reviews, they were pretty bad. I hadn’t attached my hose reel yet, but it seemed fine in the store. I thought about returning it, but decided against that. The price was so low and I was tired of two weeks of hand reeling wet hoses. 

Having used my Suncast garden hose suncast hose reelreel  I can say with certainty that the reviews are wrong. They say the reel falls over all the time. Well, if you look inside, taped to the reel are a set of metal anchor hooks. They say it jams. Agin if you read the description, it’s a 100 foot reel. It you over fill it or wind the hose in a sloppy fashion it will over fill and jam. 

As I see it what we have here are people who are either too rough with their reel or they are not reading the directions. This is my only gripe with online reviews, they are only as good as the people who are writing them.

My experience with my Suncast garden hose reel has been fine. It worked as advertised. I have no complaints. If I choose to get something bigger and sturdier I will buy a metal reel, but that will cost a whole lot more and right now I am watching my budget.  

I am normally a big review guy, but in this instance they missed the mark. This is a solid little plastic garden house reel for an unbeatable price from a company that manufactures right here in the USA. I recommend it. 

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