Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Nelson RainTrain Review

At the beginning of this month I featured and raintrainpurchased a “Nelson RainTrain Traveling Sprinkler”. Now that I own it and have used it several times I would like to offer a review on this product.

Build: This thing is a tank, it’s made of cast iron and you can really feel it when you pick it up. The solidness suggests quality and it helps keep the “RainTrain” on the track. In this case the track is the hose.  The down side is that I don’t want to put it on any high shelves because I know that if it were to fall it would be a disaster. For now it stays on the garage floor. 

Ease of Use: Its pretty simple, you lay out the hose in the path you want the RainTrain to go, hook it up, and turn on the water. The pressure from the water propels the train slowly forward. It’s very simple. 

Value: This is very tricky. The rain train costs $60. You could get a stationary sprinkler for about $15. You would have to move it and I don’t think it would last as long as the “RainTrain”. For me the traveling aspect of this sprinkler makes it worth it. 

Effectiveness: This thing does a great job, I set it up, and let it go. It takes about 2 hours to cover my yard and it delivers an even, wide, water coverage on my plants and lawn. It makes a hypnotic whooshing sound as it goes and for some reason I find myself just watching it. 

Overall: I like the “RainTrain” and I am pleased with the purchase.  I believe that it will last me many years and will serve as a great alternative until I decide to get an unground system.  A-  

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