My Gardening Adventure – 10 Days In

True patience is one of the traits that a good gardener must posses. I’d like to think I am patient, but when it comes to my “crops” I come up a little short. I planted them, the next day I watered and looked, then the next, nothing. By day four of this I had begun to think that I had failed as a farmer. Now I know that from everything I have read, none of my plants will emerge till at least day seven, but I just couldn’t shake my fears.

Then it happened! Corn! cornThat first set of corn leaves broke through my organic soil. The next day three more sets joined the first and some pumpkin leaves followed. Here I sit a week and a half later and I have started to see some success.

Of the 16 corn plantings, 11 have sprouted. For a healthy crop of corn, the saying goes, knee high by the forth of july. I am pretty confident that I can hit that mark or a least get pretty close to it.

All three of my pumpkin plantings have come up and they are very robust. Pumpkins grow on vines and these guys look like they are going to spread fast. With my limited amout of space it going to be a real challenge trying to wrangle them.

My “SugarBaby Watermelons” gave me a scare, they sprouted a few days after everything else. 10 DaysIt looks like both sets of plants are coming up, but neither looks strong. I don’t know if this is normal or if the plants just aren’t doing well.

Everyone said that starting tomatoes from seeds was very difficult, they were right because none of mine came up and neither did my strawberries. Its very disappointing, but fortunately for me my neighbor Bill gave us some of his fledgling tomato plants from his green house as a house warming gift. I will transfer them over tomorrow and the Bride has already claimed the empty strawberry section for her cucumber seedlings. We are making the most out of our set backs and we are pushing on.

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