Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Mountain Weavers Shower Curtain

Growing up my bathroom had the sliding glass door for our shower. I am partial to the glass door, but the last two places I have lived, including the house we currently own, we have a shower curtain.

This can be a bit of an annoyance. From time to time the curtain will drift over and touch me. It can get a little mildewy and that makes me all the more annoyed when it touches me. My current shower curtain is plastic so its harder to clean. I also have to wonder what chemicals are in that plastic.  

shower curtainA good alternative might be the Sturdy Cotton Duck Shower Curtain from Mountain Weavers.  Their curtain is made from 100% domestically grown cotton that is made right here in America. It comes in several colors and is machine washable. This gives you the ability to keep your shower curtain clean whenever you feel the need. In the long run this should make your curtain last longer, because you wont have to throw it away when it gathers too much mildew. 

It sells for $39.95 and comes in several lengths and sizes.  It only has a handful of reviews but they are all glowing. A quality product made right in the USA. 

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