Moving Tips – Learn From My Mistakes

When I moved home from college everything I owned fit into my small SUV. boxesNow I have graduated up to a medium sized U-Haul, a large SUV, and a few cars. I have moved five times in the last fourteen years and for some reason I keep having to learn the same lessons over and over again. For those of you who might be moving soon and would like to learn from my mistakes here are some potentially valuable tips. 

  • If you don’t need it throw it away. Now that we have moved the Bride and I are realizing just how much stuff we don’t need. We have garbage bags full of stuff that we are either throwing out or donating. Nothing wrong with that except for one glaring fact. We moved it. We put all of that stuff in boxes, loaded them into a truck and carried it into our house. We could have saved ourselves a lot of effort if we got rid of that stuff before we moved. 
  • Many hands make light work. I figured I would need two other guys to move my stuff. I thought that because that’s how many guys it takes to move a couch. Looking back I wish I had ten other people. Even if they couldn’t carry the real heavy stuff they all could have taken a box, made three trips, and most of the moving would have been done. The more people you have to help you move the smaller amount each has to do, the less everyone involved will mind. 
  • Pack right. Like everything the more planning you put into the event the better off you will be when it get underway. The bride and I ran out of boxes so we carried a few things loose and put the rest into garbage bags. It added a lot of extra time to the move and slowed down our unpacking. 
  • If you have a full house get movers. Unless you have a huge group of strong friends you might want to consider professional movers. A small group can handle a two bedroom apartment, anything bigger might be best left to the pros. 
  • Consider a Pod. Pods are mobile storage containers that get dropped off at your house. You fill it with your items and it gets shipped to your new address. This is a type of half measure between moving yourself and hiring movers. 
  • Paint First. If you are going to paint your new place it is way easier to do when its empty. I realize that moving is a chaotic transition, but if you can it is advisable to paint before you move. 
  • Relax. Moving is stressful, it ranks right up their next to divorce and a death in the family. Some of your things may get damaged, you will get very tired, all you can do is take breaks, stay hydrated, and push on.

So there you are, a few ideas and reminders to help you get through the rigors of moving. I hope they help. 

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