Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Dramm Hose Nozzle

When you move you realize you need a lot of new stuff. As some who appreciates the value of American made products I have taken every opportunity to buy the finest American made items whenever warranted and possible. One of my latest purchases was for a new water nozzle. I have a hose, but at the end of it is a cheap leaky nozzle that gets nearly as much water on me as on the plants I am attempting to water. 

For its replacement I bought an adjustable nozzle from Dramm.  drammBack in the 1940’s, John G. Dramm, a florist by trade, invented a special nozzle that could water delicate flowers without damaging them.  Over the next sixty plus years the Dramm family would take their company from a small basement operation to a massive company that employs over fifty workers. Based in Wisconsin and family owned to this day the Dramm corporation makes a wide range of nozzles for several different application, from shower nozzles hose nozzles. According to one of the second generation owners, they have built all of their products with one goal in mind: 

“Quality, “has been the hallmark of the Dramm Corporation throughout its over-50-year history.” – Kurt Dramm

The have been very successful in their efforts. The reviews on amazon are glowing, with over 300 people praising the quality on their nozzle. I received mine last week and I share that opinion. This nozzle is constructed from brass, it feels sturdy in the hand, and I can adjust the beam from a powerful jet to a light mister. 

When you get right down to it Dramm makes a quality old school nozzle. It cost me about $14, about twice what a plastic nozzles goes for. A year from now, maybe two that plastic nozzle breaks. Then I have to buy another. Another year or two years pass and I have to do it again.  My Dramm nozzle is made of metal. If I drop it or drag it on the group it will be okay. It’s built to last. 

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, buy American made, buy quality, buy a Dramm. 

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