I Will Save a lot of Money on Car Isurance

It seems like every other commercial on TV is for car insurance. With the exception of buying a car, insuring it is one of the most competitive market places in America. This is good for us. You want competition, you want people trying to earn you as a customer. There are only three way a company can win over a potential customer in a completive market place, offer a better product, offer something new and unique, or offer the same product for less. Since “new” doesn’t apply to car insurance and many companies offer excellent quality and we are all about saving I am going to focus on price cutting.

I have been with my current car insurance company for 7 years. I have only one complaint about them, price. My policy is up for renewal in a few days and my quote for my next policy is $1072.00. I haven’t had a ticket or an accident in the last 5 years. I have no points on my license. My commute is less then 5 miles, my annual miles driven is under 12 thousand, and I have recently completed a defensive driving course.  I believe that I am a pretty low risk option.

My goal is to lower my car insurance bill to under 800 dollars. I am going to get some online quotes. Then I am going to follow up with a call to the agents of the five lowest quotes and I will try to haggle that  number down as low as possible. I should have my results by Friday. Wish me luck.

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