Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Above the Tie Atlas Safety Razor

Last december I made a case for going old school with your razor. A 100 count box of single blade razors will set you back about less than 10 bucks. You could send almost twice as much for a five pack of multi blade razors. A good American made safety razor and box of blades can be had for under $200. That would mean that after the first year of ownership your annual razor cost would drop down to about $10. It you were to continue with disposable multi blade razor you would spend over $200 annually each year.

At the time I recommended the Tradere razors, but as you can see here they have temporarily halted production. I have waited for six months and I have decided that I don’t not want to hold out any longer.  I started to search again and I have to saw that it was very difficult. A majority of the best safety razors are made in Germany and England and have a long history of excellence. I almost gave up last week, but I decided to look a little further. 

Then Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.05.10 PMI found some reviews for “Above the Tie” razors. Handcrafted in Tennessee from high grade 303 stainless steel, these fledgling company is making a name for itself.  Almost all of the reviews I found were glowing with one reviewer even suggesting that he was selling off his old razors and making his “Above the Tie” Kronos as his primary razor. 

Now the world of single blade razors is a little unique, different razors have varying degrees of “aggressiveness”. I am still learning but it seems that the more aggressive a razor the closer the shave but the higher the probability of cutting yourself. 

All that aside an “Above the Tie” razor sells for $185 dollars, which is identical to the Tradere razors. I plan on buying one very soon and will report back on my findings. 

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