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I’ve been a renter for most of my adult life and  like most renters I long for three things that can sometimes come with home ownership. One of them is a garage, and with it the dream of not having to brush my car off from a snow storm before I go to work. Next is a washing machine and the freedom of not having to do laundry over a friend or relatives house or even worse a laundromat. Finally, the dishwasher, those of you with one have long forgotten just how quickly dishes can pile up and how annoying and time consuming tackling that massive pile can be. 

The home that I am hoping to close on any day now has a garage and a washing machine, but no dishwasher.  Eventually the Bride and I will redo the kitchen and a dishwasher will be on the top of our list. We will certainly want an “American made” dishwasher if such an option of available. Unfortunately my research only revealed a handful of options. Fortunately they are well reviewed and offer an impressive array of features.

The Bosch 300 500 and 800 series of dishwasherdishwashers are made in New Bern North Carolina. They have several color options to match your kitchen’s decor and are loaded with features. On of my favorites is the removable silverware tray that is located on the top of the unit. This eliminates the annoyance of having to reach down into the unit or having to slide the lower draw all the way forward to get to the back of the tray. Having it right on top allows you easy access and the tray itself is removable so you can carry it over to the silverware draw for quicker unloading. 

A top end dishwasher like the 800 series retails for $949.99, but I found it here for $854.99. Many of the reviews I have found and almost perfect, but if the that price range is out of your budget you could try the equally well reviewed 300 series.  In either case you will be getting a quality machine made here in America. 

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