Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

I once read a quote that stuck with me, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” What I like about that statement is the suggestion of control. When you start a garden in your backyard you are taking ownership of your food supply. I plan to start one this summer because I want to grow fresh organic fruits and vegetables for “the Bride” and I to eat.

We don’t want to buy genetically modified  fruits and vegetables covered with pesticides that are shipped from thousands of miles away. We want the freshest produce possible, grown under the safest conditions and picked that morning. We want to pick our own strawberries and carve our own pumpkins. We want to eat salads made from ingredients that we grew. Sure it will be a lot of work, but anything that is worth doing is. 

To start a anniegarden you are going to need seeds, good seeds. Seeds that have been cultivated for decades to provide you with the heartliest and tastiest plants, heirlooms seeds. Based in Michigan, Anne’s Heirloom Seeds offers a dazzling array of seed varieties. For example, they have over 11 varieties of watermelon. My whole life I’ve only had one.  I suspect you are in the same boat. Wouldn’t you like to try the other 10 varieties?  I sure would.

How about growing your own corn for your Labor Day party? Or your own popcorn? Annie’s has so much to offer from the beginning gardener to the most advanced. For about 20 bucks you could have more than enough seeds to start your own backyard garden. You will have “Made in the USA” produce that you grew using “Made in the USA” seeds. 

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