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Gardening season is mere weeks away. For so many the back yard or the garden is a place of refuge. Our own little corner of the world where we go to enjoy the warmer weather and escape from the hectic rush of day to day life.  Like all beautiful things it takes a lot of effort to make it happen, so many choices to make. 

When all is said and done it can often be the final touches that make the difference. Those little  accent pieces that add character and beauty to your place. Perhaps something like a beautiful ceramic piece from JJ pots. Their bright beautiful collection of ceramics are made in Utah and give your home a sense of fantasy and magic. 

Many of their pieces focus on pixie and fairies, a birdhousebit of enchantment for your garden. I personally like their ceramic bird houses.  So often my wooden bird houses will begin to rot and fall apart after a few seasons. A thick ceramic birdhouse like this would probably last a very long time. 

They comes with a thick gauge of wire to hang them with and they have a small hole in the bottom for drainage. They are offered in a  variety of roof colors, a bright accent that catches the eye and adds a unique touch to your garden.  JJ Potts doesn’t sell them directly to customers, but I found this site that offers the birdhouses for $29.99

Of courser the birdhouse is only one of dozen of beautiful hand made ceramic products that JJ Potts meticulous handcrafts at their studio. Please visit their site, I am fairly certain that you will find something for your garden. 

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