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Recently I broke another one of our glasses. Well I didn’t break it, the Bride did, but it was my fault, sorta. When I wash the dished I like to get all of them in the drying rack. This is true regardless of how many dishes there are. You could make a case, as my Bride often does, that the drying rack has a maximum capacity. I would suggest that if stacked correctly, with great skill and care, the drying rack can accommodate many more dishes then you might think.  I have acheived this feat several times and if you don’t just randomly grab the glasses from the rack the dry glass pyramid will not collapse and break any of the glasses. The moral of the story is that we need a dish washer, but in the short term we need some glasses.

I was under the impression that American made glassware would be pricey.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong, very much so. The people at the Anchor Hocking Company have been making quality American made glassware for over a century. Based primarily in  Lancaster Ohio they are an American manufacturing success story, employing over 1,500 people nationwide.

As I looked through their catalogue I was very impressed by what I saw. My first thought was that this glass ware was going to be expensive. Boy was I wrong. From price searching around the web I have come to realize that all of Anchor Hocking Products are competitively priced and in many cases cheaper then their foreign made competitors. They are selling better made, higher quality glassware for less. It boggles the mind.

GlassesTake this Anchor Hocking Cinch 16 piece set. It includes 8 seventeen ounce tumblers and 8 twelve ounce rocks. These are great for small gatherings or parties, you can serve mixed drink or sodas in them. They are curvy, stylish and have heavy balanced base. How much do you think a 16 glass set like this would cost? Fifty bucks? Forty Bucks? Wrong on both accounts. This set sells for $21.99! Add to that the coupon code “MH20″ and you are knocking off another 20%.

You are getting 16 glasses for under 20 bucks, that is cheaper than what you would pay for cheap Chinese made glasses at a big box store. A better product at a better price and all I did was look. The Anchor Hocking catalogue includes so many great products and all of them are made in America. Form serving pitchers to storage containers, I can see the Bride and I buying many of our dish-ware from them. I hope you do the same.

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