Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Free Yankee Tickets!

The year I was born the Yankees won the world series. They would not repeat this feat until my freshman year in college. While my childhood was filled with disappointment and let down the “Jeter Era” of Yankees baseball has been nothing but excitement and joy. Now the Captain is going to retire and I plan to watch him take a few more at bats in person before he walks off into baseball history. 

Last year my family and yankeeI got to take advantage of the Pepsi/Hess offer for two FREE Yankees tickets and watched the Bombers play at home. Since my brother and I live in separate household he got his two tickets and I got mine. He took my Dad and I took my sister so all of us got to enjoy a free day at the ballpark.  I am guessing we saved over $200 on those seats. 

This year we are looking to repeat the experience and will be taking Hess and Pepsi up on their offer. For those of you who may not know this is how it works, in order to get the two free tickets you need to:

  • Provide receipts for 4 fill ups at a Hess gas station, a minimum of 8 gallons per visit. 
  • Buy either a 24 pack or two 12 packs of Pepsi at a NY Hess Express, save the receipt.
  • Mail the 4 gas receipts and the Pepsi receipt with your entry form on of before 4/25/14

Once your entry is received and everything is in order you will receive a coupon code that you can use to redeem for your Yankee tickets. 

What I really like about this promotion os that it costs me almost nothing. I was going to gas my car up anyway and my two 12 packs off Pepsi cost me twelve bucks. That’s 50 cents a can! Now I take a can to work and instead of spending $1.50 on a soda from the pizza or fast food place. Some places charge as much as two bucks for a drink, thanks to pepsi I am saving money.

That aside this is a truly great offer and a nice excuse to see a ball game at the stadium. It expires in 12 days so you best hurry. 

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