Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Ariens Lawn Mowers

As the Bride and I make the transition from renters to home owners we have begun drawing up a list of all the things we will need once we are in our new home. A majority of the items fall into the “lawn and garden section” and at the top of that list is a lawn mower. When I was a kid we had a “Snapper” law mower. It was red, self propelled, it lasted many years and was very reliable. It was my job to mow the lawn as a kid and the only problem I can remember was the mower stalling because I let the grass get too tall. That was my fault not the mowers. 

As I researched different models of American made mowers, I came across a brand named Ariens. Touting themselves as “the mower that cuts the White House lawn”, Ariens makes an impressive line of American made lawn mowers and snow blowers. Based in Wisconsin this company is a text book example of  lean domestic manufacturing. When many better know brands chose to close down their favorites and export those jobs Ariens held fast and worked with their workers to cut costs.

It can be difficult to find honest reviews sometimes so I often turn to consumer reviews from sites like Home Depot. mowerI found Ariens to be among their top rated mowers like this one. Selling for $479.00 this mower is competitively priced with similarly well reviewed mowers offered on the site.  It is self propelled, has an electric start, a height adjusting handle, and an adjustable height blade. 

Ariens lawnmowers come with a 3 year limited warranty and a legacy of reliability. This mower is on my short list and if I do decide to buy one I will make sure to stack my deals for another 8% off. Saving money, buying American, that’s what I am all about. 

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