Stacking Up Savings to Build the Best Deal

The odds are pretty good that if you have found your way to this site you are someone who likes deals. Well my friend you are not alone. I am always looking for a deal, because like you I know that a few bucks saved here and there can really add up to some meaningful cash over time.  The trouble most people seem to have when searching for the best prices comes from quitting too early. 

You find a pretty good sale price and you think, “That’s pretty good”. I would argue that “pretty good” just won’t do. Are you paying with a cash back credit card? How much back 1%? Really? Did you use BigCrumbs or Ebates? You don’t belong to those sites? WHAT! You need to use all your available resources to get the best deal possible. Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to buy a microwave. Your old one is on its last legs, its big and dirty, it takes up too much counter space. You want something modern, energy efficient, quiet, with lots of features. You search around and you find a well reviewed unit that also happens to be on sale at home depot. microwaveThis stainless steel over the ranger Whirlpool microwave is exactly what you are looking for. It has over 1000 reviews on the home depot website and almost all of them are 5 stars. To sweeten the deal home depot is selling if for $228, that’s 12% off the retail price and they are going to ship it to you for free. Mission accomplished right? 

Pump the brakes for a second here, if you act now you are leaving a lot of savings on the table. You found a great microwave for a good price and who doesn’t  like free  shipping? Here are two more step you can take to sweeten the deal even more.

Click on over to BigCrumbs and Ebates and search Home Depot. You will see that Bigcrumbs is offering 3% cash back and Ebates is offering 4% and ontop of that they are giving you a $10 coupon code for an order over 100 dollars. Looks like this time Ebates wins, you link over to home depot, select your microwave, and enter your coupon code. You just saved and additional $18.72.

Don’t stop there. As you may recall I recently wrote about Discovercard’s 5% cash back offer at home improvements stores. At checkout you pay using Discover and you knock another $10.90 off the price. 

Two extra steps saved you over 30 bucks and knocked the price of that microwave down from $228 to $198. Those two extra steps took mere minutes but the savings were huge. 

So remember even after you get a deal you can still build on it with these simple steps. Build those deals!

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