Would You Like $5.6 Million Dollars? Can You “Beat the Streak”?

All across America opening days are getting underway and fans are welcoming the start of another baseball season. Veteran players return and new players get their chance as sports talkers theorize and measure them against a sea of statistics. Baseball, more than any other sport, is about numbers and records. Arguably one of the most impressive feats in all of baseball is the single season hitting streak held by Joe Dimaggio. Back in 1941 the Yankee great got a hit in 56 consecutive games and no one has even gotten close.

To honor this record MLB.com has offer a prize to any fan that can create a hitting streak of their own. beat the streakAll you have to do is pick one or two players from either league to get a hit, just one hit in their 3-5 at bats for that game. If you are successful and pick more than 56 players in a row, you will have beaten the steak and will win $5,600,000. Sounds easy right? Well for the last 14 years no one has been able to do so and millions have tried. 

Last year I tried my hand at this contest, my best steak was 26. I learned of it mid season so this year I will have a full schedule to give it a try. Presently my streak is a zero, in my first three attempts at least one of my two hitters failed to get a hit. 

I won’t let that slow me, I have continued to submit my selections and hope to climb my way up the rankings. I’ve even gotten my brother and dad in on the action. Perhaps we will take a side bet to see who can get the best streak amongst the three of us. 

I’ve had a lot of fun trying to beat the streak and I recommend it to any one who is even remotely interested in baseball. It’s free to try and sooner or later someone will win that 5.6 million, why not you or me or you, if it is you it sure would be nice if you bought the PiggyBankBuilder a car. I’m just saying, it would be nice. 

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