Where Can I Find the Cheapest Gas?

I live near New Jersey, they have some of the cheapest gas in the country. Like every money conscious New Yorker if I travel to NJ I come back with a full tank of their cheap gasoline. If you don’t live near a state with drastically lower gas prices then you probably know of a few fill up stations in your area that are a few cents cheaper then all the others. GasBuddy.com can aid you in your search, it is an excellent tool. 

But we’re no looking to save a few pennies, we’re not even after a few nickels, our eyes are on the prize. We want to crack that century mark, a buck a gallon. Right now the national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $3.70 I have put together a deal that could get you all the way down to $2.50! Your eyes do not deceive you,  that was not a typo. I have found a way to get you a gallon of what the British would call petrol for as little as two dollars and fifty sense with out the use a a time machine to take you back to 2004 when the price was that low.

In an earlier post I mentioned how you can save 6% on groceries. Now I have found a way that shopping for groceries can save you money on gas. How so? With the Stop and Shop Gas Points Program. In NY they are called “Stop and Shop” in other parts of the country they are call “Giant”, but the program appears to be the same. When ever you make a purchase at participating “Stop and Shops” you earn points towards gasoline discounts at participating Shell stations. Ever 100 dollars spent is 10 cents off a gallon of gas. Please be aware that they round down. Spending 100 dollars and 199 dollars will still get you 10 cents off, but 201 dollars of purchases will get you 20 cents off.

This deal is good for up to $2.20 off per gallon, knock that amount off of the nation average and you get $1.50 a gallon! Now to do this you would have to spend 2200 dollars on groceries and not all groceries earn points. Milk, prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, and tobacco products are excluded. You are also limited to 35 gallons, the points expire after 30 days, and you can only use points once, then they are gone. I would strongly encourage you to read the fine print when you enroll.

Now let’s build you a great deal. In this scenario you spend $1000.00 a month on groceries at “Stop and Shop”. You charge this purchase to your 6% off American Express card that I mentioned before, a saving of 60 dollars. You enrolled in the Gas Points Program and you earned $1.00 off at a participating Shell station that you found on GasBuddy.com  where to cost of a gallon of regular is 10 cents lower then the many of the others in your area $3.60 – $1.00 = $2.60. You also enrolled in the %5 off gas credit card that I mention in another post and now you are paying $2.47 per gallon for gas. You have a 15 gallon tank that you wisely waited till the fuel light came on before you filled it up to maximize your deal and saved yourself almost 20 bucks on gas that month.

If you add the gas savings and the grocery saving you get about 80 dollars back in your pocket. That’s almost 1000 dollars a year in savings for you. A free month of groceries. It’s like giving yourself a giant raise for being clever. And you deserve it.  **Please keep in mind that you have to pay the balance in full on these credit cards or the interest will wipe out any money you might have saved on the deal**

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