Discover Card 5% Cash Back Bonus

As far as cash back on credit card purchases go 5% is pretty much the gold standard. I have seen 6%, but its very rare. Most cards give you 1%, some 3% and only the most generous top out at 5%. In that category Discovercard has developed a reputation for offering a healthy variety of offerings. The categories change every quarter and April 1st marks the start of a new one, “Home Improvement”.

cashbackRegistration is very simple and very easy, it literally involves clicking a box to activate the reward category. Once you do you will be eligible to earn 5% cash back from home improvement stores, furniture stores, and Bed Bath and Beyond. So if you have any big projects slated or you are just looking to do a little Spring cleaning than this promotion is for you. Please note that the cash back bonus is only on your first $1500 in purchases so if you are remodeling that kitchen you are probably good for an appliance of two. 

For everyone else this is a great feature that should help you maximized savings when you are out looking for home improving deals. 

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