Made in the U.S.A. Monday – New Balance 1080’s

New Balance was the beginning of the “Made in America” movement in my life. Their sneakers were the first product that I specifically bought because it was made here.  I have owned over half a dozen pairs since and have been coming back ever since. My commitment to domestically manufactured products has spread across my wardrobe and my home. Any of my regular visitors to this site can see my dedication to American workers in my weekly “Made in the USA Monday” articles featuring an impressive collection of American made items, many that I personally own.

Yesterday I returned to my roots and bought another pair of New Balance Sneakers. I currently own two pairs and they are both over 7 month old. So I did as I have in the past, my first stop was to to lock in my 2.4% cash back from Joe’s NewBalance Outlet. Earning cash back of outlet prices is definitely what I would call “Piggy Bank Building”.

Once on the site I used their filters to find the available shoes in my foot size.1080 I selected a pair of 1080’s that normally retail for $134.99. I got them for $107.00. This about 20 bucks more than my 980’s that I currently own, but I am willing to pay a little more for a higher model number. If I decide that the cheaper model is a better value I will go back. 

I plan to return to the gym soon and to start jogging  and going for walks once the weather warms. My new pair of News Balance sneakers will certainly get a healthy amount of use. I will welcome the spring and summer with my latest pair of American made sneakers. 

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