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The best solution is always the simplest. Now I haven’t changed the oil in my car for a long time, but I remember it well. It seems like a one man job, but in reality you need three hands. This comes into play when you are trying to pour the new oil into your engine. You can try to pour it in without a funnel, but that is a messy gamble. So you go for the funnel and it either tips over or pops out. When its all said and done you end up getting oil all over your engine or your hands or both. If you have some rags on hand you can clean it up, but now you have oily rags in your garage, a total fire hazard. 

Enter the creative geniuses of “Assenmacher Specialty Tools”. Based in Boulder Colorado these fine people make a threaded oil funnel. oilIt uses the very same threads that your oil cap uses.  All you have to do is line it up and give it a few turns, now it’s locked into place.  This frees up your hands and eliminates the chances of the funnel toppling out and spilling oil all over the place. 

It’s a concept that is so simple, so obvious that you wonder why it wasn’t put into use years ago. This threaded oil funnel is a great gift for the do-it-yourselfer in your family. It’s the type of present they will like until they use it, then they will love it. 

At $24.67 this made and manufactured in the USA product is a good value. Please keep in mind that you have to buy the right funnel for your vehicle. This oil funnel is designed specifically for Toyotas so please pick accordingly. As you can see from the link the Amazon rating for this product is a perfect score, all 34 reviewers loved it.

They could have bought so cheap flimsy Chinese made funnel, but they appreciate the quality and inventiveness of the American made alternative. I hope you do as well. 

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