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Presently, I am a television news cameraman. I like being one, but there are many other things I would like to be. I am working towards some, other are just dreams. One of them is architect. The ability to create a home for someone has both my respect and awe. I still hold out the hope that one day I will design my own house or at the very least remodel a house that I bought, but the architect boat has sailed. I am fine with it, but I still like to look. I read a few home design blogs and I make note of any idea or concept that catches my eye. 

One of theses ideas is the sliding barn door. Regular doors are boring, barn doorI want something with character. I want something that will make people take notice. It is a nice touch that adds a little pop to your room. Like this sliding barn door featured in the picture. The builder could have utilized a boring traditional door, or perhaps a set of french doors. Instead they tried something new and I love it. 

To create a look like this you are going to need two things, a door, and sliding hardware. Such hardware is made in America by none other then “Real Sliding Hardware” out of the great state of Washington. They offer a nice variety of hardware as well as barn doors. 

As always quality cost, the sliding door hardware sells for around 400 bucks and the doors can climb up to 1000. Keep in mind that these are solid wood hand made doors and percision machined hardware. You buy it today and it will still be workings long after you or I have shuffled off that mortal coil. 

You could always buy the hardware and hook it up to a vintage door that you find at an antique shop or a garage sale. That might create a very unique and interesting look. The possibilities are endless but they start with some American made hardware. 

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