Made in the U.S.A. Monday- American Personalized Products

We live in a plastic world. There’s nothing wrong with this, the very keyboard keys I am touch right now are plastic. It’s all well and fine, but for me there’s just something special about metal. Metal things are solid, they are built to last. Metal is permanent.

Over at “American Personalized Products” in New Hampshire, they forge things in iron. I really like that. You can order a lawn sign, or a row of key hooks, or a wreath hanger decorated with your family’s name. They offer many different personalized products off all different shapes and uses. These seems like the type of things you could buy and keep for decades. A permanent decorative display that is always there. A conversation piece sure to impress your guest. “Where’d you get that from?”, they’ll ask or “Is that metal?” To which you can reply, “Yes it’s iron, it’s made in America.”

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