Made in the U.S.A. Monday – SchoolHouse Electric and Supply Company

How many companies in the world make lamps? You don’t know? Yeah, me neither, but I’m going to say a lot. A crowded business is a tricky one. This is especially true for an American company since we all know the Chinese can do it cheaper. In a case like that you have to go the other way.

You have to make something unique. A lamp that will catch the eye and make you guests ask: “Where did you get that?” I think “Schoolhouse electric and Supply Company” has done just that. They are building products that are very interesting. Their lamps have character, they add something special to the room. A special touch that catches the eye. 

lampTake this “Orbit Chandelier” for example. The vintage looking red wires travel down from the ceiling into fixtures that look like giant incandescent light bulbs. I don’t know about you but I really like it. Depending on your selected decor this could be a very attractive accent piece for you living room or office. Kind of a mad scientist vibe. 

If that isn’t your bag, they have hundreds of other offerings. I am sure that if you look around their site you will find something that fits your sensibilities. The best part is when someone asks you where you got it, you can say that it was made in America. 

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