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Spring isn’t here yet, but I assure you it is coming. We may have to endure one or two more polar vortexes, but sooner or later the snow will leave, the birds will return and the flowers will bloom. I can hardly wait and I think that this spring deserves a little something extra. How about some unique and colorful flowers? Take your garden to the next level and add some flash to your landscaping. 

Perhaps one of the hundreds of available offering from the Amador Flower Farm in California? AlexandraAs I was looking around their site this flower called “Alexandra” caught my eye. The bright billowing amber petals are quite beautiful. One of these plants will set you back 5 bucks. Of course you probably won’t buy just one, but with the right planning and placement you could create a really beautiful garden to accent your home for a relativity small amount of money. 

The names of these flowers are almost as unique and beautiful as the flowers themselves. You can buy some “Cowboys Don’t Cry” or “Paint the Town Red” or some “Lady Wu”. The variation of their flowers is almost limitless with new blooms coming on line every year. 

You can finds flowers to fit almost every temperature extreme, so thier is a good chance that you can find a flower to fit your climate.  Amador Flower Farm’s customer service seems very knowledgeable and should be able to answer most questions. 

Spring is coming, let’s welcome it with some beautiful American grow flowers.

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