Made in the U.S.A. Monday – Beet the Snow

Last week 49 out of 50 states in America had snow on the ground somewhere with in their borders. Florida was the lone stand out. What about Hawaii? Yes, even Hawaii had snow on the peaks of its highest volcanos. Florida got snow but it melted. This is one of the harshest winters in over a century and many of us are learning the value of preparedness. You need the right tools for the job. An old cracked shovel from that dates bank to the Clinton presidency isn’t going to get it done. 

Times change and you need to have an arsenal of snow fighting instruments at your disposal. One of these weapons is ice melt. Taking a spill as you walk out your door in the morning is no kind of fun. A few scoops of ice melt spread out the night before could prevent a nasty fall the next day and all the pleasures that come with a trip to the emergency room. 

Selecting an ice melt is a little more complex then it seems. Some ice melts can burn the paws of your dogs and cats. Others are bad for the environment. I have found an organic alternative that works in extremely low temps and will not harm your pets. 

“East End Organics” offers an ice melt thaticemelt is derived from beet juice. This organic alternative to chemical based rock salts offers a green solution to the customer. It is safer for pets and vegetation and it has a lower freeze point then traditional ice melt. Their “Natural Ice Control” has a freeze point of -40 degrees F, making it effective in even the most extreme cold. They claim  that their product will reduce your application rates by 30%.

Here in New York or municipalities have begun using beet juice to pretreat our roads before a storm. The initial results have been very strong and I expect the popularity of this alternative to grow. I have personally used this product and was very happy with the results. My wife and I went through a 25 lb bag in a bout two weeks and were very impressed at how well the “Natural Ice Control” worked.  In many instances one application lasted several days. 

We love how well it worked and were happy that it was made locally here on Long Island. This winter might seem like it’s winding down, but I would’t be surprised if we had a few more storms before it was all said and done. If you have run out you should take a look at “Natural Ice Control” from East End Organics. 

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