Made in the U.S.A. Monday – “All American Clothing” Belt

Today I received a shipment from “All American Clothing”. Over the last few years these guys have been my go to for jeans. If you pulled open my jeans draw you would see that 90% of them are from “All American clothing”. Their clothes are very well made and can take the daily wear and tear that the life of a news cameraman doles out to them.

JeansIn todays package was two pairs of jeans, one “All American” and one “Carhartt”. I went with Carhartt because I really like my Carhartt Detroit Jacket and I wanted to switch things up a bit. Included with my American made jeans was a 1.25 inch black belt, also made by “All American Clothing”.

This belt is a welcomed addition to my wardrobe, my old belt is warped and scratched, definetly on its way out. I have tried a few times to find a replacement, but I never liked any of the selections. Most belts I found were either ugly or way too expensive. I’m not paying $95 for a sliver of leather with a buckle on it. I just can’t do it. 

Aside from being very reasonably priced ($29.95) my new “All American Clothing” belt is well made, the leather is thick and has a nice sheen. The buckle is very simple and functional. I wouldn’t wear it with a suit, but for every day use it is fine. I expect to get years of use out of it and from my first impressions would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy American made work belt. 

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